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Tanis Coughlin - Artist
Courtesy of Photographer Julie Wieden
at Pacific Sky Studios

Tanis Wieden Coughlin is an Artist whose diversity in The Arts is her passion. Raised in Oregon residing now in Texas Tanis has embraced the differences of these states and created mixed media masterpieces.

Tanis has worked in the Medical Field for 30 years. Taking pride in giving back to the Community by helping her patients with their medical needs is her devotion. She has discovered venues to share the arts with those who are home bound.

Volunteering, teaching Art to First Graders, Tanis shows the children, The World of Art. Incorporating life’s experiences in her program, “See the world through New Eyes”. Tanis teaches the kids how to incorporate life and art, with natures’ interaction in the city. “Teaching these children to see the world through different eyes, has been a facinating experience. They are brilliant artists. This experience has been a gift.

We must teach our children to embrace life through an open mind.”

Tanis is a writer who has been honored as a Contributor for the Dallas Morning News. Writing poetry from her soul, Tanis is a published Poet.

Spending a lifetime exploring the arts, weaving, painting, creating functional art and jewelry Tanis’ love for, “China Painting” will keep this lost art alive. Black Roses are the theme of her Porcelain Art for 2006.

As winter approaches, “I like to use natural and man made fibers to weave wall hangings, crocheted baby bundlers, shawls, scarves and hats.”

Tanis’ inspiration comes from nature and the outdoors. Her love for nature, fly fishing and gardening has inspired her Fly Box, Wooden Purse and Jewelry Box line. Thank you for viewing my Creations.

Tanis Wieden Coughlin